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TTH Productions

Touch The Heart Productions



Marcus D. Spencer (Big Spence at the time) was on the set of Four Christmases with 6'5" Vince Vaughn (who is clearly too tall for leading male). He asked Vince, "How did you become a leading male when you are out of the box?? Vince told him that he produced the film Swingers and made himself a lead. Once people see you as a lead they?ll then hire you as a lead.

Big Spence took that information to heart and that's when Touch The Heart Productions (TTH Productions) was born. TTHP is a faith based production company that was started in Oakland California. TTH Productions will create content that not only entertains but also educate. Each production will have elements of faith, lessons to be learned and will also be real to life. Our goal here is to development new media the old way, where you leave better than you came. TTHP is independent and directly responsible for raising funding for their productions, however we have product placement options. We here at TTH Productions pride ourselves as being the voice of the people. Your support is definitely appreciated.

We also work hand and hand with a few distributors and do a bit of distribution ourselves. We started a monthly screening in Fresno California in hopes of scouting talent for our future projects and also to help other filmmakers achieve distribution goals.  

Stay tuned. We have lots more to speak on and a lot more to show.